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Smallholder farmers combined are the biggest contributors to a country's food basket. However these farmers lack adequate support to improve their production, yet they are the solutions to poverty and hunger.

In developing countries, farmers make up the biggest percentage in population. They rise up early to tender to their farms, put in alot of hard work in their farms but get a meager yeld.

Fair Trade Organization of Kenya exists to turn around this challenge. We have worked with farmers since 2009, creating sustainable solutions by offering a tailored package that helps farmers gain better incomes from their lands.

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Access to Finance

Small holder farmers groups over the years have not been able to get financial support from financial institutions due to lack of collaterals and poor production. We exist to turn around this challenge. We ensure these farmers groups are able to access financial support to purchase farm inputs, as well as pre-harvest finance.

Access to Markets

We help farmers establish direct markets, where they can sell their commodities at premium rates and deal directly with the buyer. This helps farmers gain more by eliminating exploitation from brokers.


Small holder farmers have been relying on farming methods acquired from the family line. While these have results, they are not cost effective and they are not sustainable. We visit farmers in their own farms and offer practical based training on new skills that improve production and reduce cost.


Reliance on one source of income has always seen farmers struggle at critical moments when they need money. We train farmers on new farming areas they can venture into to generate extra income to cushion them during tough times.

Environmental Responsiveness

Unpredictable weather patterns are a major threat to farmers. Without mitigation measures in place, farmers face low production and food insecurity. This ultimately affects the entire country as a whole. We train farmers on ways that can help them mitigate the effect of climate change.

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We help farmers overcome production challenges

We are a nonprofit international network organization and we aim to create equitable and sustainable channels in production and trade, working in close collaboration and partnership with national and international networking organizations to make fair trade a reality and a viable development tool.

We work closely with smallholder producers in Agricultural sector which is a key contributor of Gross Domestic product (GDP) in many developing countries. We bring together smallholder producers in marginalized farming communities and empower them to participate more actively not only in the production level but also in marketing of their produce.

We believe in viable strong producer organizations and ensure smallholder producers form formidable organizations to enjoy economies of scale by aggregating their produce/products and marketing together. Through this approach, FTOK promotes direct market, both nationally and internationally, to ensure maximum returns to the smallholder producers The FTOK leverages traders and producers expectations through free flow of information, both in electronic and print media. This empowers producers to take full ownership of their products.

FTOK also empowers producers to participate in local and international arenas that bring more awareness on improving productivity and expanding markets and marketing opportunities. The organization strengthen the Fair Trade movement by helping producers take greater ownership of their products as well as take active participation in export markets. FTOK cornerstone is anchored on six basic pillars: Secure livelihoods for smallholder producers; Women and youth empowerment; Entrepreneurship development; Environmental and climate change adaptation and mitigation; Organizational development; and Promotion of Fair trade.

This is What we do

Sustainable solutions for smallholder farmers

We work closely with smallholder producers throughout East Africa to build their capacity, increase their produce and improved income. We strive to ensure that smallholder producers are economically empowered by the end of our project undertaking.

All this is made possible through our funders, and partners. We are also guided by our values which are deeply ingrained in our DNA. They are the fundamental beliefs in our diverse organization. They guide the way we work with our partners, funders, with our communities and with each other. Through our values and focus on success, we have forged a vibrant culture where ideas blossom, employees thrive and success flourish. By doing so we meet the expectations of our partners, funders and community.

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We are currently serving smallholder farmers in two countries, Kenya and Tanzania.


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