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Fair Trade Organization of Kenya (FTOK) is a nonprofit international network organization whose main aim is to create equitable and sustainable channels in production and trade...More
FTOK - SSDFA Partnership

In an effort to deliver the SSDFA's mandate at the national level more effectively as well as establishment of strong linkages with dairy industry players, a successful partnership ... More

FTOK to Manage Platform

Progeso Network

Progreso Network (PN) is an online community connecting coffee producer organizations and their business partners in their efforts towards more sustainable supply chain. The PN provides a platform for producer organizations and their partners for sharing knowledge and work on joint initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. More

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Coffee Marketing Challenge is On!

Coffee sector plays a significant role to East Africa’s economy through foreign exchange earnings and employment creation. Coffee producers require information on good marketing strategies that will guide them in improving their coffee marketing skills to better reach a wide market.

The objective of the “Coffee marketing” challenge is to collect, disseminate and award the best strategies for commercializing coffee products locally or internationally. More
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Fairtrade International (FLO) Introduces New Affiliate, Fairtrade India

Fairtrade International (FLO)... More

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. A substantial quantity of coffee traded in the international markets is from Africa and Kenya contributes a significant volume. The Kenyan coffee has unique appealing characteristics liked by many consumers... More


Dairy farming is currently attracting a lot interest to the smallholder producers due to the numerous benefits that can be tapped from the enterprise. Besides providing solution to food security, producers are able to earn incomes from produces and by-products, support ...More

Horticultural crops in Kenya include flowers, fruits, vegetables and potatoes. The horticulture sub-sector provides food security in Kenya. Currently the horticulture industry is the fastest growing agricultural sub- sector and provides foreign exchange earnings...More